Decorate on the Cheap

Yarra Valley Real EstateHome decorating trends are constantly changing and as much as we all want to keep our homes looking fresh and modern, trying to keep up with the latest trends can be an expensive endeavour.

Add cushions and textiles – Cushions, rugs and curtains all provide an easy way to add more color and life into a home. Best of all they come in all sorts of styles and budgets so its easy to find textiles for all tastes. You can also buy accessories such as table ornaments or kitchenware to help add a new theme to your home. For cheap options look online or try homeware stores like Ikea.

Switch door hardware – Old door and cupboard hardware can make a home seem dated, but lukily door hardware is cheap and easy to replace. You can choose door knobs with sleek metal designs for a more modern look or you can find old fashioned styles depending on the look you want to create.

Get Arty – Art has a repurtation for being expensive, but if you look around you’ll find there are plenty of art pieces around that wont break the bank. A great place to look for original yet inexpensive art is at markets, or online where you can get any print you want transferred onto canvas.

Start Painting – If you have a bit more time and money to spend, then painting is a great way to update a room or an entire house. Painting is also a great investment as it can help add property value. If you find that you like to redecorate often, neutral colours will always serve as a classic backdrop to match with whatever other styling elements you choose to bring into a room.

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