Six Common Renovating Mistakes …

Yarra Valley Real EstateEverybody seems to be excited about renovating again after seeing the popular television show The Block, but while renovations are a great way to bring life back into an old home, here are some renovation mistakes to be aware of so you can avoid the extra costs, lengthy delays or worse!

1. Not getting council approval – Always ensure that changes to your Yarra Valley property including minor works, extensions, and structural changes comply with council standards. There are fines for not submitting plans to council as well as large costs of having to re-renovate to standard. The contact for the Yarra Ranges Council is 1300 368 333 or visit

2. Going overboard – Unless it’s your style and your plan to live in the home for a long period, it can be more beneficial to stay neutral and simple when it comes to colours, fittings and fixtures. This is especially important if you’re thinking of selling in the near future – you dont want to deter buyers!

3. Doing your own handy work – Always leave plumbing, gas fitting, electrical and structural work to qualified professionals of the trade. Doing your own handy work can not only be illegal, but also extremely hazardous to you and the people living in the home. If you need contact details, why not call our office on (03) 5967 1800 and we have contacts to many local Yarra Valley tradespeople.

4. Not considering the origin of your house – Sometimes change can be great, but its always important to consider the origin of the house, because it may be of value if you’re looking to sell, especially if the home contains period features.

5. Spending more than you need to – Also known as overcapitalising, remember to spend money where you can make money. Ie: consider the cost of something and the value it adds to the home.

6. Not spending money on quality – Shop around, because in many cases, you can find the same product at a cheaper price, but dont skrimp on quality. Taking shortcuts on quality may cost you if you have to replace items sooner rather than later.