When Selling, it helps to Think Like a Buyer!

Yarra Valley Home For Sale - Preparing your home for sale When you are opening your home to a potential buyer, it’s easy to get caught up in the detail – ‘Have I swept all the floors in the last 5 minutes’, ‘Are the curtains straight’, ‘Have any leaves fallen onto the driveway’ – yes it’s true, we can drive ourselves crazy in the details. But the truth be told, the number one rule to preparing your home for an inspection is fairly simple … just think like a buyer.

Is a buyer going to notice a few tiny specs that have blown onto your floor, a couple of stray green leaves that have dropped onto your driveway from the overhanging branches, or a curtain that has unfurled as it blows in the breeze? No. What they will notice is a home with no personality, no substance, or that doesn’t offer anything for their lifestyle. This is essentially what we need to sell! We’re not selling a clean floor (although it helps!), or straight curtains (although this may also help), we’re essentially trying to sell the lifestyle your home will afford its new owner.

When preparing your home for sale, we ask that you let us come and chat to you about how we can market and style your home to maximise its charm to help make an emotional conection with buyers, and ultimately achieve you the best sale price.

If you’re in the market to sell, please contact our team at Andrew McMath Real Estate in Yarra Junction or Warburton today!

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