Little Wooden Beings – Arts Centre Warburton

Artist Tim Coffey

Chairs that move with you, stools to walk about on, a new style of sit/stand…follow a 15 year exploration of a new concept which transmuted into a quirky lighthearted enjoyment of the myriad of possibilities always around us.

“Sit still” is what children have been told for generations. Why? What happens if we let them move? What would the chairs be like now?

Artist Tim Coffey believes “the exploration of chairs that encourage movement has led to new forms of chair, chair designs, use of materials, and seat  shapes. Somewhere in this exploration little bits of philosophy got stuck into the concepts – I’m not quite sure how.”

According to Charles Kettering people do their most creative work outside the field of their conventional training. In Tim’s case instead of following  his passion of design, he studied biology. When he could no longer resist the lure of design, he became a woodworker and discovered that he had studied under the greatest designer of all times “nature”.


Arts Centre, Warburton – FRI 13 FEB – SUN 10 MAR       

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