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If you’re thinking of selling your home and are not quite sure of where to start, you’re not alone. Many people find the process of selling daunting, and most don’t quite know where to start, so we thought we’d put together a bit of a strategy for you; a step-by-step guide to selling your home.


1. Choose a real estate agent to list and market your home & sign a listing agreement.

2. Have a chat to your agent about suitable inspection times and the marketing strategy that will best suit your home. If you haven’t already, get your spring cleaning gloves on and start decluttering, scrubbing & polishing your home. You should also make any necessary repairs. Communicate regularly with your agent and be open to all feedback. A good agent will be able to negotiate with buyers to earn you the most possible. Work with your agent to help secure the sale you deserve.

3. Once the price and conditions have been negotiated and a written offer has been made, you’ll be in the position to sign your beautiful property over to new owners. Just remember that most contracts will have a five day cooling off period. Once the cooling off period & all the conditions have been finalised your home is officially sold! Congratulations!

4. Your settlement period will depend on what was negotiated at the time of the offer being made. You can use this time to start packing and making arrangements to move to your new home. Make sure your home is empty and thoroughly cleaned out by the time of settlement, with the key ready to hand over to the excited new owners.

5. Put your feet up & relax. You’ve done it!


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