Community Safety in the Yarra Valley

Is the Yarra Valley Community’s safety important to you? Whether your single, a business owner or visitor to our wonderful area, living in a safe community is something that everyone strives for.

Here are some more things that can make a big difference in our community;

  • Keep an eye out on neighbour’s properties, especially if you know they’re away. If you see anything untoward, notify your neighbour as soon as possible, and if you feel there’s something seriously wrong, call the police.
  • Keep your pets secured in a yard or in the home with adequate food and wate while you’re out. Pets, especially dogs, can provide added security to your home, but you dont want them getting out, injured or possible running away when you’re not home.
  • It goes without saying, dont drink and drive. Even if you dont think you’re over the limit, dont risk it.
  • Social networks are great for sharing photos and information with your family and friends, but if sharing with the public, you could be inadvertently telling the wrong people that your home is vacant and ripe for the picking. Check your privacy setting, and know who you’re sharing information with.
  • Remind your kids about stranger danger and what to do if they dont feel comfortable in a situation.

We like to make sure our communities are safe for everyone to enjoy and live in, and as long as we all look our for each other we can keep our neighbourhood that way.